Procurement Services

One of our solutions and services for clients is supplying different equipment’s and spare-parts from well-known brand across the world. The Equipment’s which Manico able to Supply are Such as:


Electrical and Electronic

Ventilation and Refrigeration

Technical Protection

Pipeline Equipment

Valves, pumps and compressors

Process Equipment

Chemical and Laboratory Equipment

Drilling Equipment’s


Instrumentation is the common way of measuring tools for Collecting Data, Monitoring, and Control & Measuring. Instrumentation could be simple like a Manual Thermometer or advanced like Multiphase flow meter. The practice of instrumentation is not limited to laboratory or manufacturing area while it can be found all around us at home like electricity counter or light sensor. We at Manico try our best to supply the complete range of Instrumentation Equipment from well-known, first class brands all around the world

To meet nearly all your requirements.

Electrical & Electronic

Electrical & Electronic equipment capture our homes, our workplaces, our lives and even ourselves!

They are used in generation, transfer, measurement of current and voltage in different fields such as IT & Telecommunication, Lighting Equipment, Toys and many others.

We are ready to supply a vast range of Electrical & Electronic Equipment “EEE” to meet all your requirements.

Ventilation & Refrigeration

Ventilation & Refrigeration is the know-how of interior & machines environmental comfort. It is a critical topic to consider when designing residential and industrial facilities, specially where Quality, Health, Safety and Environment is taken seriously.

We at Manico are committed to keep your environment comfort by supplying almost the full range of Heating, Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment from the most practical brands worldwide.

Technical Protection

Technical Protection with wide range of related technologies is the most common and economical way to keep our equipment and material in good shape and useable for longer time.

We are ready to bring these economical modern solutions to your fields through world leader in this business.


Pipeline Equipment

Pipeline Equipment is generally used to transport “Liquid Petroleum” and “Natural Gas” from production unit to Petrochemical, House and Refinery as well as “Refined Products and HVL” (Highly Volatile Liquids) to export ports or domestic customers.

We at Manico are in close cooperation with well-known brands in this business to meet all our own previous and current projects requirement as well as supplying our esteemed customers “M.R.” (Material Requisition).

Valves, Pumps & Compressors

Valves, Pumps & Compressors are important in Oil, Gas, Refinery and Petrochemical industries while their various types make them big part of this industry.

We at Manico are experienced in offering the right type and the greatest brand Valves (Bellow sealed valves, ARV Valves, Breather valves, ORBIT valves & ...), Compressors (Both Positive Displacement Types & Dynamic Types) & Pumps (Centrifugal Pumps, Chemical Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Mud Pumps & ...).

Process Equipment

Process Equipment & their effect to reduce production cost and improve production efficiency is a vital aspect in Oil & Gas Business.

We at Manico supply almost full range of Process Equipment such as Pressure Vessels, different types of Heat Exchangers, Desalting Package, Turbo Expander (Compressor), Gas Turbines, Diesel Engine, Filters and so on.

Chemical & Laboratory Equipment

Chemical & Laboratory Equipment together make an excellent result out of production if excellent products will be used in field as well as laboratories.

We at Manico are professional distributer of Chemical from High-end Technology manufacturer in the USA and Europe as well as Laboratory Equipment.

Drilling Equipment

Drilling Equipment and its quality is a major aspect in Oil & Gas Upstream Sector as it directly shortens drilling exploratory wells and subsequently drilling operational well that cause cost reduction and quicker production time.

We at Manico are in close cooperation with well-known brands in this business to meet all our own previous and current projects requirement as well as supplying our esteemed customer’s requisition.

To be able to act internationally and to empower our comprehensive services we are in close cooperation with world leader in above mentioned business. Indeed, we can develop any JV with Internationally Well-Known Qualified Service Providers in order to support any Project in our field of activities.

It was just to give a brief description about our company activities and capabilities and, to announce that Manico is willing to exploit any new business opportunity which contributes us to achieve our ultimate vision.