Finance Management


The Current presentation has been issued based on newly developed Financing infrastructures in Europe and china with financing capacity up to Billion USD to support Business development activities of Manico in IRAN by an especial Focus on new opportunities of Iran Post-sanctions Era with respect to international rules and regulations.

The present in plies customized models of Trade and Financing services which are assorted to the Following scenarios in a way that Manico and clients can mutually adopt any of according to requirements of Cooperation Cases:

  • Scenario(1)-commodity Trade
  • Scenario(2)-Procurement Finance services
  • Scenario(3)-Project finance Services
  • Scenario(4)-commercial Partnership
  • Scenario(1)-Commodity Trade

This Scenario implies three independent methods of Commercial Cooperation in commodity Trade in a way that Manico and client can mutually

Adopt any of each on case by case basis .the commodities which Manico is interested in are Prioritized as different Products for different Markets.

a-Cash Trade:

b-pre-export payment

c-commodity off- take

  • Scenario(2)-Procurement Finance Services:

This Scenario can be Followed via two independent Method So Manico and Client Can mutually adopt any of each according to requirement items on case by case basis:

  • Procurement Finance against USANSE letters of credit
  • Procurement Finance against commodity supply
  • Scenario(3)-Project Finance Services:

This scenario implies a customized of project Finance Which is dedicatedly designed for projects governed by Iranian Ministry of Petroleum And its subsidiaries and has been tailored in two independent methods in a way that Manico and client can mutually adopt any of each according to requirements of awarding the projects on case by case basis:

  • Project Finance against USANCE letters of credit
  • Project Finance against off-take agreement
  • Scenario(4)-commercial partnership:

According to the Financial and Banking System, the forth cooperation Scenario can be Planned based on commercial partnership:

Manico along with its European Business Partners provides the needed Financial Supports and client provides the possibility of competitive.

Supply in a way that customers of client products can be rewarded by most competitive offers based on credit payment Facilities.

Mutual cooperation during this Scenario will be developed as Commercial Partnership based on the Following Competitive Facilities which can be provided by Manico:

  • Receiving documentary letters of credit from Buyers.
  • Receiving deferred payment from BUYERS against USANCE letters of credit.
  • Delivered – base on Dap basis at Destination ports.

Under this cooperation Scenario Manico and client will act as commercial Partners and details of Commercial, Financial and legal relationship between the Companies and their responsibilities can be mutually agreed case- by- case or Companies may come into a general Agreement to develop a general Cooperation frame work for all Potential Cases.