Engineering Services

Manico Engineering Services

We at Manico provide you with all kind of engineering services. Whether you are planning to construct a brand new plant or you are looking for a specific process to be added to your already existing business, Manico will help you reach your goals. With the in-depth knowledge of our specialists and consultants and with the expertise of our highly skilled and experienced engineers, Manico delivers the best possible services that you were always looking for. From feasibility study to detail engineering we will make sure that not only you will reach your pre-planned goals but also your business will get to its full potential capabilities. Our services include:

Feasibility Study

  • Conceptual Design
  • Process and Basic Engineering
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Detail Engineering
  • Basic Engineering Design

Basic Engineering involves for preparing of basic technical concepts, criteria and standard for a project, type and size of plant, process and equipment’s to be used, planning for future addition and expansion and the degree of mechanization & automation to be used in the plant. Basic engineering of the licensed unit for the typical project will be implemented by an approved and selected licensor. Activities will essentially be continued during extended basic Eng. stage. Such activities will include:

Engineering Services (Basic)

1. Preparation of Block Flow Diagrams (BFD)

2. Preparation of Process Flow Diagrams (PFD) and Heat/Material Balance

3. Preparation of Piping and Instrument Diagrams (P&ID)

4. Preparation of Basic Design Criteria

5. Equipment’s Sizing and Preparation of Equipment’s Process Data Sheets

6. Preparation of Hydraulic Calculation

7. Material Selection Philosophy

8. Basic Engineering Endorsement

9. Definition of Hazardous Area

 10. Preparation of Utility List

11. Preparation of Instrument Data Sheet

 12. Preparation of Equipment List and Line List

13. HAZOP Study, Risk Analysis and Assessment, SIL Calculation

14. Process and Utility Design Development through HAZOP and Safety Review

15. Coordination with the Licensors (Licensed Units)

 16. Basic Design Review Prepared By the Licensors for Licensed Units

17. Preparation of Preliminary Functional Specifications

18. Providing Basic Civil Information and Data

19. Preparation Architectural, Structural and Civil Drawings

20. Preparation General Utilities for Various Building and Distributor Networks;

21. Plant and Equipment Layout

22. Development of Underground Services Requirements

23. Development preparation of Control System Operating and Integration (DCS, FCS)

24. Preliminary Operation Manual Preparation

The Basic Engineering must be carried out at the beginning of any project. It is the first and most important step in the Detail Engineering Design of a project; However Basic Engineering often is carried out as a separated item by a consulting engineering firm, while the detail design is carried out by other parties, engineers, contractors or manufacturers.

Detail Engineering Design

Detail design engineering work covers the preparation of all calculations, drawings and documentation required for the construction and erection of a complete plant.

Detail design engineering work includes:

1. Basic Design documents endorsement.  

2. Completion & Finalizing Process Flow Diagram

3. Preparation of Single-Line Electric Power Distribution Drawings (Diagram)

4. Completion & Finalizing of P&ID Drawing

5. Preparation of Equipment Layout Drawings

6. Preparation and Update of Equipment Lists

7. Preparation of Detailed Specifications

 8. Preparation of Mechanical Data Sheets

9. Preparation of Detailed Piping Layout Drawings and Isometric Piping Drawings

10. Preparation of Bills of Material

 11. Preparation of Electrical Power Distribution Drawings, Details and Lists

12. Preparation of Detailed Structural and Foundation Drawings and Details

13. Preparation of Tender Documents

14. Preparation of Material Requisitions

15. Preparation & Finalizing of Instrument Data Sheets, Control System Specification I/O List & Logic Diagrams

16. Final Operation Manual Preparation

17. Engineering Dossier (Mechanical Catalogue)

18. Pre-commissioning and Commissioning and Startup

3. Procurement services

Our experienced staff can provide a range of services covering:

1. Vendor Identification, Evaluation & Enlistment

2. Entire Purchase Activity, Floating of Inquiry to Placement of Order

3. Order Placement

4. Progress Monitoring & Expediting

5. Strict and Pertinent Inspection during Manufacturing & Packing

6. Transportation Planning & Control

7. Warehouse facilities & activities

4. Technical Services (Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Start up)

Technical services cover the following activates:

1. Licensed Technology Services.

2. Plant Pre-commissioning Services.

3. Training Services.

4. Plant Startup Services.

5. Supervision Services.


Feasibility Study

One of the most vital steps in every major engineering project is the feasibility study phase. Feasibility study is the analysis and evaluation of the practicality of a project or a business.

A professionally conducted feasibility study will show you whether your goals are achievable and are within your costs estimations. A thorough feasibility study will add more value and credibility to the project. Needless to say investors and financial institutions will be more keen to invest money in the projects that have been already evaluated their chance of success by professionals. A well-designed feasibility study will be conducted prior to the technical development. Our experienced engineers and analyzers will evaluate your business’ potential for success. Their experience and good judgment help them analyze different solutions for your project and provide you with an alternative path towards success, if necessary. Our feasibility study will include analyses and evaluations of the legal, economical, resources, financial, technical, and operational considerations towards your success.

Conceptual Design

Another essential component of a successful project is conducting a well-addressed conceptual design. Our conceptual design engineers and consultants are highly experienced and skilled. They will ensure that
your process or business will operate to its full capability at the lowest cost possible. Problem formulation, alternative analyses, and identifying most qualified technologies are just part of our conceptual design services. We will help you meet your goals and cost expectations, ensure your process meets its performance requirements, detect any potential errors, inspect any hidden cost and improve your chance of success.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

In this phase, we offer services that can include all or parts of the following items:

Developing process Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) s released for detail engineering

Developing process drawings released for detail engineering

Developing utilities piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) s released for detail engineering

Developing utilities drawings released for detail engineering

Developing plot plans in details

Hazardous area classification

Preparing safety layouts

Thermal rating evaluation and calculation

Tender documents and tender packages preparation