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About Us

Manico, is a leading independent provider of comprehensive engineering, procurement services, commissioning of plants and contains a special department and expert partners in energy efficiency and solutions and an individual department for flare gas recovery options throughout Iran, delivering long-term value through innovative systems, strategies and technologies. Manico's solutions range from upgrades to facility's energy infrastructure to the development, construction and operation of plant optimization combined with tailored financial solutions. We work with customers on both sides of the meter to reduce operating expenses, upgrade and maintain facilities, stabilize energy costs, improve occupancy comfort levels, increase energy reliability and enhance the environment. The Company was founded in 2013 by Members of the Board, pioneers in the energy service business. With dedicated energy and business professionals with years of experience and strong commitment to customer satisfaction and service, Manico offers you the resources needed to successfully plan, execute and even finance the productivity program that will create real, sustained economic and operating benefits to fulfill your unique requirements. We are committed to protecting the climate and resources, and to reducing emissions of harmful substances. This is not only important for the environment – energy efficiency measures also make economic sense and help to optimize your operating costs.

Manico's Policy

  • Mission and Vision

    We are Aria energy Management (MANICO) an advanced technological company with strong expertise in developing and implementing patented solutions to various fields of industries. From feasibility study and conceptual design to performance improvement and plant optimization, we provide our clients with solutions and services that they have been always looking for. We make sure to deliver the most outstanding packages in the industry to your business. We believe our business success lies at the intersection of ensuring human health, environmental protection, and community goodwill. Our commitment to our clients for quality and failure-free service delivery is of the utmost importance at Manico. Read more
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Our Services

  • Chemical Solutions

    Manico is one of the main chemical suppliers in all industrial Fields, especially in Oil and Gas industries (Additives of Read more
  • Finance Management

    The Current presentation has been issued based on newly developed Financing infrastructures in Europe and china with financing capacity up Read more
  • Engineering Services

    Manico Engineering Services We at Manico provide you with all kind of engineering services. Whether you are planning to construct Read more
  • Procurement Services

    One of our solutions and services for clients is supplying different equipment’s and spare-parts from well-known brand across the world. Read more
  • Plant Optimization

    Plant Optimization Whether you own an already existing industrial plant or you are planning to build a brand new industrial Read more
  • Flare Gas Recovery

    Our company has been identifying prospective mining targets for oil and gas production for 50 years. We are engaged in Read more
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Manico, is a leading independent provider of comprehensive engineering, procurement, plant optimization and energy efficiency

solution for facilities throughout Iran, delivering long-term value through innovative systems, strategies and technologies.